Sunday, 9 September 2007

Comments Welcomed

My thanks to all those who responded to my message on the BBC 606 message board recently. There were some interesting snippets of people’s experiences over the years and I’d encourage you to post any more of your highs and lows, good and bad memories of Layer Road here. I know that the club are interested in collating your stories and they are following this blog too. So what do you think? Has Layer Road got its own personality or is it just another football ground? What has made Layer Road unique for you over the years?

This really is a special season at Layer Road and I see that there’s a fan/film-maker called Ray Hollingsworth who wants to make a film of memories of Layer Road.
Is there anyone out there who remembers the first season in the league – or even the years before that? My own experiences only go back to about 1968 but I’m sure there are stories just waiting to be told.

It turns out that this year is also the centenary of Layer Road (see centre page spread in the Essex County Standard Friday 7th September 2007). And the next 100 years starts with the Scunthorpe game on 29th September. I hope to do something special with this blog for that game.

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