Friday, 19 October 2007

International Weekend

OK, so it's International weekend. What does that mean to us? It means we haven't had our heart rate and blood pressure exercised to sufficient levels for about two weeks. And according to government experts we could be among those who are in danger of becoming obese if we don't get some form of regular exercise. What was the Colchester United involvement in these two weeks of supreme international effort? Sadly just Bela Balogh playing for Hungary in their weekend match in which they beat Malta 2-0. Sadly also because we have yet to see a full first team competitive appearance by our international superstar, although he did make his club debut as sub the previous week. He also had to sit out the second of Hungary's Euro 2008 qualifiers in midweek.

It should be a time when we all join hands with other clubs' supporters and hail the efforts of our own national team (although Arsenal and Chelsea fans might have some difficulty in identifying who their national team is). And this is what we've been doing these past two weeks. What an exciting time it's been. Gritty and gripping wins over Australia and France to bring us another World Cup Final appearance. Forwards falling over each other to get to the ball. Backs standing firm in the face of continual onslaughts. The midfield mastery of that wizard Wilkinson. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, it's Rugby Union that has taken the headlines this last two weeks.

And what of our national soccer team. On the face of it a fifth consecutive 3-0 win in the tournament and a loss abroad on a wet synthetic surface. Except that the 3-0 win came courtesy of a nutmeg on an unsighted keeper, a deflection, and an own goal - hardly stuff to get too excited about. And all the defeat has done has been to send the media into apoplexy in predicting the next England manager.

But that's all behind us now and it's time for the real thing again. Saturday afternoons, 3 o'clock kick-off,
rusty corrugated iron stands, wooden stairs, pigeons nesting in the eaves, and the weather's turning colder. Yes, Layer Road beckons once more.

Come on the U's.

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