Sunday, 30 March 2008

Call Yourself Fans?

Credit where it's due. The team put up a brave fight today against West Brom. Twice in the lead, but more poor defending meant we lost 3-4 in what it seems was a bit of thriller for the neutrals. But who cares about the neutrals when some of our own fans are clearly not satisfied with anything in life at the moment. I call them fans but in reality they just haven't a clue about the game. Are these the same people who proclaimed George Williams as a saint or a god last season? The very same fans who taunted virtually every visiting band in Terraces 1 and 2 for the best part of a year? Now they seem to think it's OK to call for George's head to be removed from the rest of his body. What sort of idiots are they that can't realise that on shoestring budget, the lowest ground capacity, a 50% change in the first team squad, a miserable run of injuries and half the squad playing like lemmings we just aren't going to compete at this level.

The Colchester United faithful will of course realise that last season, with much the same background resources and the ability to keep a settled team together the results were significantly different. But hang on a minute, the manager was the same George Williams wasn't it? That's right, the guy who was thrown in at the deep end because Parky thought he'd leave it to the last minute to jump ship and head for Hull. (Didn't HE do well?) But who else was part of the management structure that guided the lads upwards from League One and through to a 5th round FA Cup tie against Chelsea. Oh yes, the assistant manager, George (Geraint) Williams. The same man who has been with the club since 1998 as a player, assistant and full manager? The 'Coca Cola Championship Manager of the Month' for September 2006.

I think his record as a player, sportsman, coach, manager and human being speaks for itself. So how do some people reward this loyalty, dedication and hard-working? They want him sacked of course. Why oh why do they bother sending emails and texts to BBC Essex complaining about the manager when it's the players that are at fault? We have a bunch of players that aren't of the right quality to compete at this level. Can't these so-called fans realise this? What right does a squad of average ability have to play Championship games every week? These guys have been spoilt and they need to knuckle down and start to earn their pay once again.

For now we need to focus on the positives. We know the defence isn't up to scratch - look at the scoreline. Yet we managed to score more goals in today's match than in any other game since 20th October last year. That must count for something.

We know we are going down, so let's just accept the fact and hope for a squad that wants to play for Colchester United in League One and who will be dead keen to support their manager in getting promotion back up to the Championship. We've got a new stadium to look forward to. I've seen stuff written that suggests a lot of folk aren't going to renew their season tickets. Their loss! Bye!

Bring on the Tractor Boys for our next Cup Final. How many years since Ipswich last got a point at Layer Road?

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